Why You Should Wait to Buy for these Holiday Events.

May 22nd, 2018 by

OK, So you have been researching the car you have been saving up to buy, you research the best deals, the best trim, and model for the make of car you want. In your thought process you are thinking, is it worth the wait to purchase a vehicle when holidays like 4th of July or even Memorial Day is coming up?

That is seriously a good question, a lot of dealerships tend to hike up there prices and then drop them for the holiday so they can get the profit that they had set up for there goals. This is not an unusual practice for a lot of businesses outside of the dealer as well.

So, to go back with that thought, is it worth waiting to buy? The answer is YES! Because this isn’t just factoring in the spiked prices but also the incentives that the manufactures offer as well along with some dealerships like Bill Luke who are family owned that just want to offer the best deal to the local community. Bill Luke will be offering a $5o0 gift card for only one day this Memorial Weekend giving you the opportunity to have some cash back when you make that purchase.

How can you compare prices competitively for Used and New to make sure you are getting the best bang for the buck? Here at Bill Luke, we utilize KBB (Kelley Blue Book) for all used vehicles so you can see the honest rating on the price for what is trending for that vehicle you are looking for. It also doesn’t hurt to compare deals with other local dealerships in the area.

Another great Pro for Bill Luke is that we do not have Unwanted Dealer Add-ons. What does that mean? These are like Hidden Fees; some dealers will have featured vehicles with there prices not showing additional add-ons–ie; Window Tinting, Accessories, Hidden Fees, Reconditioning Costs… Sometimes these dealerships will say that warranties are included but in the final contract, you can see that it was not included and you still paid for those “Included” add-ons.

The final verdict is YES be patient if those deal of the year is a weekend away, be patient and wait for the weekend and get the best bang for your buck. Get your $500 gift card and have fun in your New Car over the weekend. Visit Bill Luke Tempe located at the Tempe AutoPlex. Start your shopping by clicking these links New or Used depending on what you are looking for.