Quadrifoglio, translated from Italian to English, means four leaf clover – however, to the Alfa Romeo brand, it means much more. On sport trims of the Alfa Romeo, this emblem can be seen above and behind the front tire on each side of the vehicle. This distinctive symbol of the brand can be identified by its green four leaf clover design, which appears in a white triangle. In 2023, the Quadrifoglio will have been associated with this luxury brand for a full century. However, few people know the roots of the Quadrifoglio. Let’s dive into the rich and impactful history of this iconic emblem. 


The Quadrifoglio serves as a symbolic tribute to the racing roots of Alfa Romeo, dating back to the early 20th century. In 1920, Italian racecar driver Ugo Sivocci received notice from the public as a talented and fast racer. However, his notoriety stemmed largely from the fact that he frequently came in second place often to famous drivers such as Enzo Ferrari. Ferrari and Sivocci quickly became close friends and their relationship played a key role in the Alfa Romeo brand and its lasting legacy. The two worked together for Alfa Romeo, immortalizing their names. 

Before a 1923 race in Targa Florio, Ugo Sivocci painted a green four leaf clover, inside a square, on the side of his new vehicle. As a superstitious person, he did this in hopes of bringing himself good luck – and it worked. Ugo Sivocci won this particular race. Unfortunately, just a few weeks later during a test drive with a new vehicle that he did not have time to paint the clover on, he crashed and unfortunately passed away. In memory of Sivocci, Alfa Romeo removed one of the points on the square that the four leaf clover was painted in, by the former driver, to memorialize his legacy and pay tribute to the loss of the incredible driver.


Though the Quadrifoglio has changed slightly from its original roots, this emblem serves to honor Ugo Sivocci and the impact he had on the Alfa Romeo Brand. This brand is heavily tied to its racing roots, inside and outside of the vehicle, from the sleek aerodynamic design of the exterior to the supercharged engine under the hood. Come down to Bill Luke Tempe and see this iconic emblem for yourself, and test drive this fantastic sports car. 

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