Four Reasons Why Leasing Is Smart

October 15th, 2018 by

Leasing a new car offers a way to have a new set of wheels about as often as you get a new cell phone!

If you continually have a car payment, you’re perhaps a good candidate for leasing instead of buying. There are some advantages to a lease. The benefits include:

Your monthly payments will likely be lower.

  • Lower initial payments. As a result, lessees are often able to afford more luxurious cars than they otherwise could.

You Can Have More Car For Your Money.

  • A new car every few years. For a lot of people, there’s nothing like the feeling of driving away with a brand new ride. If you’re one of them, leasing may be the way to go. When the lease is up in a few years, you can return it and get your next new car.

You don’t have to pay for major repairs.

  • Worry-free maintenance. Many new cars offer a warranty that lasts at least three years or 36 months. So when you take out a three-year lease, most repairs you need will probably be covered. Leasing arrangements largely eliminate the possibility of a significant, unforeseen expense.

You don’t have to deal with the hassles of resale.

  • No resale worries. Are you the type of person who hates to haggle? If so, the idea of selling your used car probably has you reaching for the antacids. With a lease, you simply return the car. The only thing you have to worry about is paying any end-of-lease fees, including abnormal wear or additional mileage on the vehicle.

In the end, for the drivers who love stepping into a new car every few years, leasing can be an attractive option. Leases generally come with an option to buy at the end, but they make the most financial sense if you’re confident you don’t want to hold onto the automobile long-term.

For a Limited Time

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